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Are you confused?

Marketing, branding, public relations, communications, media engagement, digital action, social media, advertising... It's a very confusing space for so many. What does it all mean, what do you really need and can you afford any of it?

For many years, I have had clients who get what I do, and thats why I work with them. They understand what I offer, they understand the 'so what' and 'who cares' mentality I use when I am working with them.

It is harder now than ever before, with less money allocated to the growth and promotion of a business or brand through the key marketing channels. What are those channels, what do you need and how much do they cost?

Public Relations is all about earned media. Engaging a PR specialist will help you to get you or your brand in the press - whether television, radio, newspapers, magazines or in niche or online titles related to your industry. A PR specialist will work either to a project fee or on a monthly retainer, and will be upwards of $3000 pcm. PR is fundamental if you are launching a brand, reopening, have news to share or are undergoing major personnel changes. It can include event launches, guests lists, and more. Make sure you choose a company who can offer you these services and have very storing influencer guests lists would you need them. And check them out, make sure they are reputable and can actually deliver results.

Advertising is all about paid space in the same media, and includes outdoor spaces as well. Advertising is easier to come by, more expensive and can bring greater results. But it is costly, and an advertising agency will work with you to create something special. They also help you determine where the ad should be placed based on your customer. The sky is the limit when costs are involved and choosing the right ad agency is as important as what you have to say. Budget $20k to start with an ad agency.

Social and digital can fall under the same headline but are vastly different in delivery. Digital marketing covers all kinds of dark arts, like Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, paid social media space and website design. Expect a consultant or agency to charge you upwards of $3000 pcm to deliver on this, and it can cost into the tens of thousands, dependent on your needs and outcomes. Social media can include organic posting and spending a small amount on boosted posts to targeted demographics. All portals have some form of available advertising spend, including newer platforms like TikTok. Remember the social part of social media is responding, engaging with your audience or customer, and not just posting and hoping people will read it. It requires strategy, and you'll need at least $2500 a month to get results.

Media relations - this is PR with a few additions, like managing crisis communications through targeted journalism, making sure you are ahead of the game when it comes to announcements and you are talking to the right journalists, editors and writers. Freelancers play a big part here. A good media relations consultant will know exactly who to talk to on your behalf, who will 'get' your story. Add at least $2k to your PR spend for this service or expect to pay upwards of $4000-$5000 a month as a minimum.

Marketing brings many of the above services together, and combines paid and earned results across all media. Marketing looks at your purpose, your vision or mission, your values, your goals and your unique selling proposition (USP), and helps you target the right outlets, the right end users and the consumer with a combination of all of the above services, and more. A good marketing consultant, who can lead these processes (not necessarily perform them) will cost you upwards of $5000 a month for advice. To action all of the advice, you could easily double it as a starting point.

Why spend this kind of money? Because you are competing against every other business like yours - not just hyper locally, but in the same city, state, country and in a global market. Most of us can find what we want online, at the best price and have it shipped. Digital shop fronts are as important as bricks and mortar and you need to make sure yours is clean, tidy and welcoming.

At Scoffer, I have combined experience in delivering on all three key functions - marketing, communications and brand. Tying them all together to save you money, time and to ensure consistency across all functions. I start with a brand health audit, where we spend a day looking at all aspects of your business and working out how we can plug some of the gaps.

Get in touch or 0409142365 to have a chat about what your business needs.

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